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Prescription Strength EPA & DHA

Each 1-gram capsule of LOVAZA® contains 465 mg EPA and 375 mg DHA. EPA and DHA are the active fatty acids proven to lower very high triglycerides.

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FDA-Approved Purity and Potency

LOVAZA® uses a 5-step purification process that helps remove mercury and other environmental toxins that can be present in over-the-counter fish oil.

How to Get Brand-Name LOVAZA®

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Not all Omega-3 supplements or medications, branded or generics, work the same for all patients. Make sure that you get prescribed Brand-Name LOVAZA®, and that your pharmacist gives you Brand-Name LOVAZA®.

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Online Consult

Complete an online consultation with a LifeMD-affiliated medical provider.


Get Prescribed

If appropriate, your doctor will write a prescription for LOVAZA®. In most cases, patients receive their prescription the same day.


Start Treatment

Get your medication delivered and start using LOVAZA® for appropriate therapies.

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To learn more about how to get brand-name LOVAZA® from your doctor and pharmacist, view our in-depth guide: